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Adventure Descendants


In our game you can get acquainted with the charming descendants, they are new students in the Royal Academy. The main characters of the new series Jay and Carlos. Their destiny to become evil, but maybe one day in a fairy tale all can be corrected?Jay - heir to Jafar. This guy has a feline agility and inherited from the fathers got a bright appearance and cunning. Carlos - the son of the famous queens fur. This mischievous person does not know much more about the world, and is afraid of dogs. They are very fond of adventure and pranks. When friends cross the threshold of the Academy will begin their lives change for the better, and they will gain a lot of new.
Choose one of the characters, and build an exciting battle in the air hockey! Invite your friends on the field, and see who is faster! Mal and Evie will be cheering for you!
Test your dexterity and attention! Improve your skills and fall into the top of the best players!
Features★ A set of unique images!★ Multiple difficulty levels, which are suitable for all ages!★ Game for two player★ File size 16 MB total★ Works without connection to the Internet★ FREE
Together with them, you will absorb the world of adventure, fun and positive. Stay with us!